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Jamaica Broilers is one of the largest poultry producers in the Caribbean, with operations across Jamaica and other countries in the region. As part of its commitment to animal welfare and food safety, the company has implemented a program to inspect its chicken houses regularly. To streamline this process, Jamaica Broilers has turned to ESRI’s Survey123, a mobile data collection app that allows users to create surveys and collect data using a smartphone or tablet.

The use of Survey123 has enabled Jamaica Broilers to automate the inspection process, saving time and improving the accuracy and completeness of the data collected. Before the implementation of Survey123, inspections were done manually, with paper-based forms that were often incomplete or illegible. With Survey123, inspectors can collect data using a smartphone or tablet and submit the information to a central database in real-time.

To use Survey123, inspectors are given a mobile device with the app installed. They then log in to the app and select the appropriate survey for the chicken house they are inspecting. The survey consists of a series of questions and prompts that guide the inspector through the inspection process, ensuring that all necessary information is collected. The app can be customized to include photos, videos, and other documentation, making it easier for inspectors to identify and document issues that need to be addressed.

Once the inspection is complete, the data is automatically uploaded to a central database. This database is accessible to authorized personnel, including Jamaica Broilers management and veterinary staff, who can use the data to identify trends and prioritize maintenance and repairs. The system also allows for real-time alerts to be sent to key personnel when issues require urgent attention.

The use of Survey123 in Jamaica Broilers’ operations has already led to significant improvements in the inspection process. By streamlining the process, inspections are being done more efficiently, reducing the time required to complete inspections and allowing for more inspections to be done in a shorter amount of time. The real-time reporting and analytics capabilities of the app also provide valuable insights into the state of the company’s chicken houses, allowing for better planning and allocation of resources.

In conclusion, the use of technology like ESRI’s Survey123 in Jamaica Broilers’ operations is a promising example of how mobile data collection can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the agricultural sector. By implementing tools like Survey123, Jamaica Broilers is demonstrating a commitment to leveraging technology to improve the quality of its products and ensure the welfare of its animals.


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